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Tired of fumbling through drawers, risking your blade's edge, and compromising the elegance of your kitchen space? The Yakushi wall-mounted knife holder is here at your rescue. This magnetic knife holder helps you display and store all your knives in an organized way in your kitchen and safeguards them from dulling upon contact with other utensils.

The magnetic stripe is easy to install and securely grips your knives, keeping them readily accessible. With an effortless setup process, your knives will be elegantly displayed within your arm's reach. You can easily store up to 8 knives, scissors, or other kitchen tools on this wall-mounted knife holder. Get home the pure amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality today from Yakushi knives.


  • Crafted from high-quality, durable stainless steel.
  • It has a rust-resistant body.
  • Equipped with a powerful magnet stripe, the holder securely holds your knives in place, preventing them from shifting or falling.
  • It's super easy to install.
  • Its user-friendly design makes mounting and using a quick process.
  • The holder has ample space and can store up to 8 knives.

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Benefits of using a wall-mounted

knife holder

1. Saves space by organizing your clutter:

Wall-mounted knife holders free up countertop space, which is a top priority in smaller kitchens with limited space. By utilizing vertical wall space, you can keep your knives accessible without cluttering your workspace.

2. Makes it easy to access knives:

Knives stored on a wall-mounted holder are always within easy reach and visible. This makes it convenient to quickly grab the right knife for the task without rummaging through a drawer or knife block.

3. Secure storage: Protecting them from damage

Storing knives in a drawer can lead to accidents as blades are often jumbled together, making it easy to cut yourself when reaching for a specific knife. Also, knives, when they collide with other utensils, constantly tend to damage their edges. With a wall-mounted holder, each knife has its own dedicated spot, reducing the risk of accidental cuts or blade degradation.

4. Hygiene:

Storing knives at a random spot can lead to cross-contamination. A wall-mounted holder keeps knives away from surfaces and contaminants, making your ingredient-cutting chores bacteria-free.

5. Display your knives in a stunning way:

Wall-mounted knife holders are wonderful contributors to kitchen decor. They help store knives in a presentable and aesthetically appealing way.

6. Store various items:

While commonly used for kitchen knives, wall-mounted holders can also be used to organize and store other metal utensils such as scissors, metal spatulas, and even some kitchen gadgets.

7. Easy Installation:

The Yakushi wall-mounted knife holder is easy to install. You get all the screws and wall mounters in the package, and they are easy to assemble.2

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Customer Reviews

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Lenna P.
Strong and Safe!

I really like this knife holder! It has strong hold on the knives and keeps them safe from falling. I love that I can proudly display my kitchen knives and easily access them when needed!


What are the dimensions of the knife holder? 

The Yakushi Knife Holder measures 15.7” (40cm) in length, ensuring ample storage capacity to place up to 8 knives.

Is the knife holder easy to install? 

Yes, the Yakushi Knife Holder is easy to install. It comes with the necessary hardware to make the setup process quick and hassle-free, allowing you to display your knives neatly in no time. Simply join the parts according to the instruction provided, and you are good to go!

What materials is the knife holder made of? 

The Yakushi wall-mounted knife holder is made from high-quality stainless steel. This choice of material guarantees durability and rust resistance while giving off an aesthetic look.

Is the knife holder safe for storing sharp knives?

Yes, the Yakushi Knife Holder is designed with safety in mind. The powerful magnet stripe securely holds your sharp knives in place, preventing them from moving or falling. This ensures your knives remain easily accessible while being stored safely. You can mount it at a preferable height.

Does the knife holder come with mounting hardware? 

Yes, the knife holder comes with all the mounting hardware you'll need for installation. This includes screws, wall anchors, and the strip required to securely attach the holder to your chosen wall surface.

Can I mount the knife holder on any type of wall surface? 

Yes, it can be mounted on a variety of wall surfaces, including drywall, wood, and even tile.

Is the knife holder suitable for both indoor and outdoor use? 

Yes, the knife holder is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it in your kitchen to safely organize and store your knives. While it can be used outdoors in food trucks, garden kitchens, rooftop bars, etc., owing to its rust-resistance quality, which saves the knives from moisture and other weather conditions.

Is the Wall-Mounted Knife Holder safe for use in homes with children?

Yes, the wall-mounted knife holders are safe for use in homes with children. These knife holders are attached at a height on walls, so it is hard for children to reach them. 

How does the Wall-Mounted Knife Holder contribute to an organized kitchen space? 

The Yakushi Wall-Mounted Knife Holder is an elegant display piece and a space-saving solution. Securing your knives on the wall frees up valuable counter and drawer space, making your kitchen more organized and efficient.

How to care for and maintain wall-mounted knife holders?

To care for and maintain your wall-mounted knife holder, keep in mind these points:

  • Use a damp cloth with mild soap to regularly clean the holder's surface to avoid contamination.
  • Dry the holder thoroughly after cleaning to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Clean your knives before placing them on the holder to prevent transferring food residue onto the holder's surface.
  • Wall-mounted holders have a magnetic strip, you need to ensure it is clean and debris-free to maintain its effectiveness.
  • Don't overload the holder with too many knives, as this could strain the holder's mounting and structure.
  • Be cautious when placing or removing knives to avoid scratching the holder's surface.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, or scouring pads, as they can damage the holder's finish.