5 Must Needed Kitchen Equipment for Every Cook

5 Must Needed Kitchen Equipment
for Every Cook

Having the right tools in your kitchen is the first step in setting up your kitchen and is crucial for an efficient cooking experience. It will be so much easier to cook different dishes if you have the essential equipment in the kitchen. Although the kitchen world is constantly producing sleek, modern, and exciting kitchen equipment, this does not mean that you must purchase every single thing to cook properly.

I recommend investing in a few quality pieces of equipment from the Yakushi Knives rather than rounding your full kitchen with unnecessary expensive items. Here is a curated list of the top five must-need equipment for every kitchen.
Japanese whetstone

1. Japanese Knife Sets 

Here’s how Japanese knife sets can be your best kitchen companions:

Versatility in the Kitchen: A complete knife set includes a variety of knives, such as a chef's knife, Nakiri Knife, Pairing Knife, serrated knife, and more. This diversity allows you to tackle different types of food preparation tasks with the right tools, enhancing your productivity.

Cost-Effective Knife Shopping: Buying a set of premium knives often proves more affordable than purchasing individual knives from a kitchen supply store.

2. Sharpening Tools

Reducing The Risk of Injury: A dull knife needs more pressure to cut, so it can probably slip off over whatever you are cutting. A sharp knife allows you to slice food more precisely, lowering the possibility of an unintentional cut or stab.

Increased Efficiency: You struggle with slicing through vegetables, meat, and other food with dull knives. Regularly sharpening your knives using these tools saves you time and effort.

Maintain Food Quality: Sharp knives help to preserve food quality by creating clean cuts with little damage or crushing. This ensures that any item or dish you are preparing maintains its flavor and texture after being chopped.
Damascus Steel Chef Knife

The Different Types Of Sharpening Tools Available

Sharpening stones:
Sharpening stone, or a Japanese Whetstone, is a traditional tool used for sharpening the blades of knives and other cutting tools. It typically consists of a rectangular block of material, such as sedimentary rocks like novaculite or slate. Knife Sharpeners come in different grit levels ranging from 3000-8000 for ultra-fine sharpening. 
Honing rods:
A honing rod, also known as a sharpening steel or a sharpening rod, is a long, slender rod typically made of High Carbon Stainless steel. It provides an excellent blend of edge retention and durability. Our honing rod comes with a flawlessly formed Ebony wood handle, which makes knife sharpening simple and efficient with a firm and comfortable grip.

3. Cutting Boards 

Protects Countertops: Cutting boards create a protective barrier between the sharp blades of knives and the countertops, preventing damage or scratching to the work surface.

Preserves Knife Blades: Cutting boards are gentler on knife blades than cutting directly on hard surfaces like countertops, which can cause premature dulling or damage to the blades.

Effortless Cleaning: It is generally easier to clean and sanitize a cutting board than a countertop, contributing to overall food safety and cleanliness in the kitchen.

Stability and Control: Cutting boards provide a stable surface for cutting, chopping, and slicing, offering better control and reducing the risk of accidental cuts.

The most popular choice: wooden boards

  • In comparison with plastic boards, wooden ones are considered more appropriate as plastic cutting boards can release plastic particles, which are not ideal for consumption.
  • Wood's density offers a supporting surface that keeps your knives sharp, compared to tougher materials that can dull knives easily.
  • Wooden cutting boards are moisture resistant as they resist contact with liquid without cracking or splitting.

4. Kitchen Shears 

The Versatility of Kitchen Shears

The Yakushi Premium detachable kitchen shears are known for their remarkable versatility, excelling in various kitchen tasks:
  • Trimming and Cutting: These kitchen shears are adept at trimming herbs with precision and ease. It also shears easily cut through poultry bones, meat, and other tough food items, making them an essential part of meal preparation.
  • Opening Packages:The shears are a convenient solution for effortlessly opening sealed packages, including bags of frozen food, food packaging, and other stubborn packaging that might be difficult to open with hands. 

5. Knife Holder

Organization and Safety: A knife holder keeps knives neatly organized, reducing the risk of accidental cuts that can occur when knives are stored loosely in drawers. Wall mounts also make the knives look more appealing and may act as decor in the kitchen.

Protecting Blades and Preserving Sharpness: Properly storing knives in a knife holder helps protect their blades from damage and dulling. They are not rubbing against other utensils or hard surfaces, which can contribute to the retention of their sharpness.

Visibility and Accessibility: A knife holder allows for easy identification and quick access to the desired knife, making food preparation more efficient.

The different types of knife holders

Yakushi Premium Knife Holder:
This premium knife holder has 8 slots, each crafted from food-safe plastic to protect your knives. With a thick, heavy base to prevent slipping and a drainage hole for post-washing its pure stainless-steel body ensures durability and hygiene.

Yakushi Wall-Mounted Knife Holder:
It is a magnetic knife strip or magnetic knife rack, a kitchen accessory designed to hold and display knives by using magnetic force. It consists of a metal or wooden strip embedded with strong magnets that securely hold the knives in place when attached to the wall.


Having the right kitchen supplies is essential for every cook, whether you are a professional chef or a home cook. From versatile kitchen shears to reliable cutting boards and knife holders, these tools enhance efficiency and precision in food preparation and promote safety, hygiene, and the preservation of kitchen tools.

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