Yakushi™ Premium Knife Holder - Yakushi Knives

$ 60.00$ 42.00
Yakushi™ Professional Knife Sharpener - Yakushi Knives

$ 120.00$ 84.00
Yakushi™ Detachable Kitchen Shears - Yakushi Knives

$ 85.00$ 51.00
Yakushi™ Cutting Board (Ebony Wood) - Yakushi Knives

$ 140.00$ 119.00

Knife Accessories

Discover a diverse range of essential knife accessories at Yakushi Knives. Keep your knives safe and sharp with our collection of accessories, including Knife Holders, Knife Sharpeners, Cutting Boards, Scissors, and the convenient Knife Roll Bag. From professional chefs to home cooks, these products are designed to enhance your culinary efficiency and ensure your knives remain in top-notch condition. Explore our selection and enhance your knife care and food preparation process with Yakushi's premium knife accessories.

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