You Shouldn't Have to spend 

A paycheck on quality knives.

Yakushi Knives™ produces and provides people with premium quality knives and accessories, at honest prices. The brand was formed by 2 cooking enthusiasts looking to find a solution to the incredibly high prices that the Japanese knife industry has set as a standard. We've been experimenting and testing many knives and materials before finding the perfect combination of class and performance. Serving quality knives to over +5000 customer a year, we believe we are getting closer and closer to our goal of making high markups obsolete.

What makes Yakushi Knives™ great?

Premium Materials

We spend a lot of time researching the best possible materials for our knife making process.

Comfortable Design

 When it comes to knives, comfort and beautiful design go hand in hand. We love obsessing about how to achieve this. 

Affordable Prices

Cut the middlemen = better tools, at a lower price.

A Short Story From Our Founder 

"I've always been fond of the Japanese knife making industry.

The quality, look and feel of those knives really set them apart from the rest of the pack.

While cooking with a friend who owned a Shun knife, I got excited to get myself one and to start cooking with it. Upon arriving at the retailer,I was shocked to here that the price for a regular Shun Chef Knife was $285 at that time. Since I couldn't afford it, I just turned around and went back home. 

This feeling however, starting bubbling inside of me: "Why are those knives that expensive? And is there a way to make them cheaper?" It turns out, when you buy a Japanese knife , there are loads of middlemen that take a percentage cut of the final sale price, thereby forcing the prices higher. Not to mention, you also pay for the name of the brand. 

What if I just wanted to buy a solid, high quality and good looking Damascus Knife? Can I do so at a reasonably honest price? 

This is the beginning of my story with Yakushi Knives."

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