Yakushi™ Damascus Steel Chef Knife - Yakushi Knives

$ 250.00$ 150.00
Yakushi™ Damascus Kiritsuke Knife - Yakushi Knives

$ 310.00$ 186.00
Yakushi™ Handmade Butcher Knife - Yakushi Knives

$ 210.00$ 126.00
Yakushi™ Classic Chef Knife - Yakushi Knives

$ 170.00$ 102.00
Yakushi™ Damascus Nakiri Knife - Yakushi Knives

$ 170.00$ 102.00
Yakushi™ Yanagiba Sashimi Knife - Yakushi Knives

$ 180.00$ 108.00

High quality kitchen knives are a must-have for making your kitchen chores easier. Get ready to dive into the incredible world of the best kitchen knives at Yakushi Knives!

Even if you already have a few knives in your kitchen, you must check out and shop for the best kitchen knife set available at our online store. From filleting to rough chopping and from dicing and slicing to everything that you need to cut through in your kitchens, we have the most unique set of kitchen knives for your various cutting needs.

Reflecting the acumen of fine making and stunning ergonomic handle designs, each kitchen knife at our store is made of premium Damascus steel and a wooden handle. Incorporating a protective bolster and featuring a 15-degree blade angle, our passionately designed chef knife set ensures peak performance and a superb...... Read More