Top Knives For Cutting Meats | Right Selection

Top Knives For Cutting Meats | Right Selection

Top Knives For Cutting Meats
| Right Selection

Meat knives, an essential cutting tool, are specifically designed to provide home cooks, aspiring chefs, and anyone with the cooking enthusiasm proper control over their meat or chicken. These knives come in multiple shapes, sizes, sharpness, blade material, and length that can offer you great precision while cutting the meat. The right meat knife will help you acquire clean cuts safely and effortlessly.

So, if you are a cooking enthusiast who loves to prepare meals but still struggles to choose the accurate meat knife? Well, then this blog is perfect for you, where you will get helpful insights regarding the different types of meat knives and their suitable uses.

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Different Types Of Meat Cutting Knives

The Chef's Knife 

The sharp-edged Chef's knife, made from high-carbon stainless steel, is best known for disjointing bones and slicing meat with its thick textured blade. The durable design of this blade includes a locking mechanism with a comfortable handle grip that vouches for its longevity. The precision in cutting is mainly beneficial if you use the rocking motion of the knife. Besides their sharpness, this is the best meat knife, which includes the following uses: 

  • The heel of this blade can be utilized to cut through the bones or thick slabs of the meat.
  • The knife's tip can be used for removing stew and trimming fat while allowing for mincing softer meat like cooked chicken.
  • The blade length, along with its sharpness, eliminates the use of any other knife for basic prep tasks.

The Bonning Knife 

The flexible and sharp edge design of the bonning blade helps in removing the skin and bones from lamb, fish, beef, pork, etc, while its controlled movement takes care of safety. It also ensures minimum meat waste by gliding through the tight spaces with ease. The sharp bone-cutting knife has the following uses:

  • Trimming the excess meat fat without cutting into the lean muscle.
  • When it comes to fish, this knife can separate the skin from the flesh.
  • Ensures thin slicing cuts of meat with the help of the knife's sharp and narrow tip.
  • Helpful in separating the thigh or drumstick from the backbone of a chicken, like breaking away the cartilage in joints.
  • Essential in butterflying meat, a cooking technique where pork or chicken is split in half diagonally, bu8tteflyed and folded back. These can be used in creating stuffed meat recipes.

Butcher's knife 

The heavy-duty butcher's knife is specifically designed for chopping raw and cooked meat. This is the best knife for butchering meat, as its sharp and sturdy blade minimizes tearing without compromising the texture of the meat. The durability of these knives can withstand tough cuts and regular use in meat preparation without the risk of being dull or damaged easily. This blade can be used for the following uses:

  • Separating bones or deboning meat like beef, turkey and chicken. This is only possible through the comfortable grip, size, and weight of these knives that provide solid control over them.

  • The slightly curved knife can cut smooth and clean slices, while the broad side of the butcher's knife can chop through a bone-in chicken or other tougher cuts.

Carving Knives 

The sharp tips of carving knives are mainly utilized for cutting and carving meat like a turkey or a leg of lamb. The long and pointy edges of this blade can help you achieve even slices. Though best suitable for meat, they can also be used for chopping cooked sausages, large cuts of fish, and ham. Besides this, carving knives has its own advantages, as mentioned below:

  • Reduces shredding or tearing during the slicing process while preserving meat's texture.
  • The long length of this knife maintains a safe distance from the hot meal and your hand, providing extra safety while eliminating any accidental cuts or burns.


Meat knives are a powerful tool for any cook, which makes the selection of these meat blades even more crucial. The quality meat knives, mostly made from Damascus or high carbon steel with slip-resistant handle grips, prove to be the best in deboning, slicing, and removing excess skin. So, choose professional chef knives that stay intact for a long time while offering you a better and more efficient experience.

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