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The Yakushi™ Serbian Chef knife is our heaviest and most robust knife yet. Being so sturdy and durable, this butcher knife will be your go to tool for whenever you need to do some heavy chopping. Perfect for bbq prep or even vegetable chipping, don't be surprised if you find yourself slamming it on your board like a mad butcher!


  • Length: 7" Blade (178 mm)  
  • Type: Butcher Knife (Hand Forged)
  • Blade: High Carbon Premium Serbian Steel
  • Handle: Polished Pakka Wood
  • Weight: 390g 
  • Blade Edge:Double-Beveled Edge
  • Style: Full-tang blade

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30 Day Test-Run Guarantee

We know shopping online can be scary and you might have your doubts about whether this is the correct knife set for you. 

Which is why we stand behind our products, and you can test it out for a duration of 30 days! If you don’t like it, you can send it back to us, no questions asked.

 All Around Durable Knife,That Retains Its Sharpness.

The Yakushi™ Serbian Chef is equipped with a heavy duty blade that can go through the kitchen trenches and back. Wether you need to chop some vegetables, debone or cut some meat, you can count on this knife to do an amazing job.

Don't sacrifice comfort for good looks,

It's possible to have both.

Each individual knife offers perfect balance between the handle and blade’s weight. This perfect balance is crucial in any knife as it will induce almost no strain on your hands or wrist. Basically, it allows the knife to do the hard work. 

A Knife Masterpiece Where Robustness & Ergonomics Meet.

Behind the strong and heavy duty look and feel of the Serbian Chef Knife, lies an ergonomic design where wrist and hand comfort have been set at the top of the priority list.

As our saying goes, "You don't have to sacrifice comfort for good looks, it's possible to have both."

That's enough showboating, it's time to

Meet The Knife.

7" Butcher Knife

The Mad Chopper

Being equipped with a heavy blade, on top of perfect balance and comfort, this knife can do most of the "heavy" work for you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the butcher more often than not. Its flat belly shape allows you to do some fast push cutting on meat, bone and vegetables. Its durability allows the knife do the hard work, all while keeping your hands and wrists comfortable. 
  • 7" Hand Forged Butcher Blade
  • Handmade Ergonomic Handle
  • Double-Beveled Design
  • Can be used for deboning chicken, push cutting vegetables, cutting through hard produce.

We Get It, 

Trust Takes Time.

Shopping online can feel daunting and scary, especially without seeing the product first. 

Luckily, we made it easier for you.

3 Month Warranty

Although our knives look classy, they're built to last a lifetime. In any case, you can contact our knife connoisseurs and we'll be able to serve your needs.

30 Day Test Run

Not sure if this is the right set for you? Give us a try, if you don’t like it, you can always send it back to us. 

Express Shipping

We know cooks around the world can be very eager to get started cooking. If you're not lost in Bermuda, you will be able to get started cooking asap.

The High Quality Knife,

Priced Right.

Now you might be asking yourself: "Is this a joke? How are they able to provide top quality with half the price? We'd feel the same way. 

It's actually fairly simple: 

In most knife making business, there are a lot of middle men, from retailing to part manufacturing, each of them take a cut of the total sale price. By cutting out these middle-men, we can achieve the same quality and profitability, for half-the price. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It,

Cooks Around The World Have Spoken.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Lenora W.
The best butcher knife!

Got the best gift ever from my Dad! This is a masterpiece! Love that it's very sharp when it arrived and I love the free leather case that came with it. I highly recommend this knife to everybody who loves cooking. The best butcher knife out there!

Razor edge

Great all around tool. Bones heads and feet! Hard to beat!

Benny H.

So had a party last weekend and I had to grill tons of meat. I tell you, this knife is incredible. Makes cutting so easy. It's incredibly sharp and sturdy enough for fast chopping. Love it!

Garnett B.
Sharp and very sturdy.

I'm very happy I got it for the discounted price. This is very beautiful. Sharp and very sturdy. Thanks also for the free leather case. Will buy again soon.

Sadie M.
Perfect size, perfect grip and impressive sharpness 👏

So I've been really thinking of getting a knife I can use for the meats I use for grilling. Little did I know that my boyfriend is looking for a gift for me. Then guess what, he got me this perfect knife. Really, I couldn't ask for more. This knife is so incredible. This is one step closer for me in pursuing my dream to become a grill master and have my own restaurant. This is the best butcher knife ever! And I love the leather case that came with it!!

Garfield M.
Excellent Butcher Knife!

Excellent Butcher Knife! Very compact, perfect weight, looks amazing and very very sharp. 110% recommend to those who are looking for a butcher knife. Go for this incredible Yakushi Knife. You will NOT regret getting this!

Still unsure? 

We tried answering most questions below.

How do you care for your knives? 

Yakushi Knives are extremely easy to care for. Just make sure to hand wash your knives and to dry them well after every use, they will last you lifetime.

Where do you ship? And how fast?

Our shipping to the US is completely free and we charge a small express shipping fee for other countries.

We now ship internationally, every week we send out hundreds of packages to customers around the world.

All orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.

Once shipped, our shipping time are as follows:

US --> 4-6 business days (depending on the state)

Canada --> 5-8 business days (depending on the province)

UK and Australia --> 7-12 business Days

What is the hardness of the steel? 

Our butcher knife is made with high carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell Hardness (HRC) of 60+. The steel we import and use is extremely durable and holds the blade's edge for a very long time.

Do you sell each individual knife separately?

We do produce and sell single knives, however since sets of most popular for this type of knife, we're only selling them in sets for the moment. However, we're looking forward to start selling them individually in the near future.