Yakushi™ Detachable Kitchen Shears

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Premium Detachable Kitchen Shears That Will Aid With Any Cooking Task

Our detachable kitchen shears will serve as the go to tool when in need of a quick deboning or any kind of string or package opening.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel.
  • Detachable parts that can be used individually
  • Easily washable
  • Built-in spring mechanism to ease the cutting process
  • Corkscrew function included

Kitchen scissors


Multi fuctional scissors

Automatic rebound scissors

Detachable Kitchen Shears

Kitchen scissors

Multi fuctional scissor

Customer Reviews

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Kell V.
Yakushi Knives

These knives have a very nice fit and finish. They are comfortable to use, arrive very sharp and seem to hold an edge well for general kitchen duties. I would recommend them.

Rex L.
This Kitchen Shear is so amazing!

This Kitchen Shear is so amazing! This is best Kitchen Scissors I have ever had. It's so sharp and strong that it can cut through vegetables, hard meat and chicken bones. It can also cut fish tails and fins. Plus, it turns into an IMPRESSIVE KNIFE!


How awesome is it that the scissors can be dettached and use as a knife! This Scissors is amazing! I'll order another one for my Aunt. I'm sure she will love this too!


When I opened the package I was impressed with how it was packaged and how the good it looks. But my husband who bought this for me, showed me that it can be turned into a knife. I was totally blown away. Love this product!


The best Kitchen Scissors I've ever had! It's very sharp and durable. I like that it's also comfortable to use for both scissors and knife. Just incredible!


The Multi-function of this scissors is amazing. Not only does it look so good but it's very efficient for use. It can cuts through bones, meat, veggies, fruits and it can be dettached and use a knife. I like the corkscrew function as well!